Excitingly, FedEx came through and got my visa to me last Thursday. I was going to take a picture of me holding it (with important stuff blurred out), but I figured pictures of government documents on the internet would not be a great idea. It’s kind of the final thing, really, that solidifies what I’m doing. Now all I have to do is pack. It’s crazy – such a huge trip happening so soon. I’ve finally started packing, dragging out the large suitcase I used last time I went to Japan and weighing it.

I said a final goodbye to a lot of friends yesterday, which was saddening, but not too much. I’m getting a little less excited and more nervous. I have two connections on my way across the world, each less than 45 minutes. Boarding starts a half hours before leaving, and for the international flight, you have to be there a half hour beforehand, because boarding starts at least 45 minutes before leaving. There’s nothing like running across an airport to make a flight.

I had to book these flights so closely together in order to get to the Kansai airport by 6:00 pm and avoid a 12-hour layover. Why 6:00? So that the representatives of the university and van would be able to pick me up. The only problem is that any delay could cost me the trip. No pressure, right?

So I’m probably more nervous about getting to Japan than I am about living in Japan.

On a brighter note, the New York Times stated that the Japanese economy is improving.

You can read the article here. I guess unemployment has been pretty high recently, but hopefully things will get better as the U.S. economy improves.

Hm. I need to continue packing, I think.

2 weeks to liftoff.