6 days.

It’s hard to believe.

Everything’s been a flurry, trying to gather everything together with so little time left. That’s why I’ve not been blogging – but don’t worry. It’s a long trip across the Atlantic, so I’ll have plenty of time to write my next post.

Today I did something important that every traveler going outside the U.S. should do – prepare to come back in. Since I’m studying abroad, I’m taking some expensive stuff with me! In order to not pay duty on the stuff I already own, I registered my electronics with the local Customs and Border Patrol, including my camera, which is probably worth about $50. If that.


Nevertheless, I think it’ll prove invaluable.

Technically, I should be packed by now. But I’m not even close. The problem is – well, I’ll just say it. In its stores, Japan mostly has small clothes and shoes, and I’m not even close to small, which means that I really ought to take all the clothes and shoes I think I’ll need for 9 months. That’s kind of difficult. So here’s the progress so far:


In perfect dimensions for the maximum size allowed.


Gotta pare it down.


Well, it’s getting there, folks. Tomorrow I might start putting stuff in the suitcase. I’m hoping to only take one so that I don’t have to deal with two gigantic bags, but we’ll see.

It’s hard to fit a life in one 62 linear-inch bag.


Countdown: 6 days.