Ta da! Yes, that is indeed my PACKED LUGGAGE! I solemnly swear I won’t take more bad pictures like this. I really do. It’s just late-night blog posts do not a good picture make. The freaky thing at the top of the picture is my cat. So, you’ve probably noticed that the gigantic yellow suitcase is absent from the picture. That would be because in the course of packing, my mother weighed one side of the suitcase and found it was nearly 50 pounds! You have to understand, the maximum weight limit for one suitcase at United (you’re allowed to bring two free) is 50 pounds. So we decided to rethink. Both of these suitcases are about the size of half the large suitcase and weigh in at around 45 lbs. Nearly everything except the stuff I use (and the coat that’s at the dry cleaners) is packed, though.

The only problem will be lifting, rolling, dragging, and carrying two hefty suitcases with 100 lbs. of weight. I tried it out. I can do it, but it’s not going to be pretty. At least I’m not taking the maximum sizes allowed for on the plane, or I would be in trouble.

The maximum weight limit used to be 70 lbs., when I went to Japan last time. I was able to pack that suitcase right up. Oh, well. Airlines are cheap.

My brother took me to the movie theater tonight to watch UP. Ironic, no? My flight to Japan will actually be over August 31 – September 1, when planes change their movies. I don’t know which movies I’ll watch on the plane! (It really doesn’t matter, I know. I have bigger things to worry about.) Star Trek would be playing if they have the September movies. That’d keep me entertained. (Last time I went I watched the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at least five times because I didn’t have enough stuff to do on the plane. I still enjoy watching it. Says something about the quality of the movie, eh?)

But tomorrow my good friend Jade is coming over for a farewell visit, so I don’t think I’ll get much done.   🙂

4 days.