Tomorrow I’ll be posting about my trip to Kyoto, but until then…


Before I went out with Ami and her friends, we were both given an assignment in International Negotiation class – to get a “pikura” and post it on our information pages in class. We did this that night. Ami is the person right next to me.

Japanese pikura booths are so much more fun than our picture booths at home. We went into an arcade filled with noise blasting through our eardrums. Right next to the picture booth was an interesting game similar to Guitar Hero, except you pounded more traditional Japanese drums. When we got into the booth, there was music and lights – and you could pick digital backgrounds for the pictures. After we took the pictures, we went around to screens where we could edit them, putting in all the little doodles you can see here. Then they were printed and emailed to people’s cell phones. All the pictures were very tiny, but could be stuck to stuff.

Ami said she hadn’t been in a pikura booth since she was very young. I guess they’re more popular with middle schoolers. But anyway, you can see the fun we had!