It rained all day today. More like – poured all day. I liked it – it was finally cool enough to not sweat all the way to school. It reminded me of a Japanese children’s song I learned – Ame Ame. It’s a song about how one plays in the rain. Here’s a video with that song to footage from a 1961 downpour in Kobe (which is near to here). I didn’t make this video.



Today I met with Ami after school. Instead of going out to eat, we decided to buy premade dishes and eat them at the Seminar House. Ami had never been to one of the dorms before. So we got yakisoba and tempura, both of which were very good. The types of tempura we got were squid and fish paste – very tasty. We ate in the dining room and discussed a trip to Osaka.

Our brief original plans about going to Osaka were to go and watch manzai – Japanese comedy, which I’ve discussed briefly in a previous post. One of our friends closely follows manzai. However, it turned out she was busy for the upcoming month. We decided to still go into Osaka, and to go specifically to the Kaiyukan Aquarium. Now, like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gone to the Boston aquarium. Partly what sealed the deal (no pun intended) to go was not just the fact it’s a famous aquarium in Japan and the world, but these guys here:

Sea Otters

Baby sea otters available this month for viewing – only 30 minutes a day. Aren’t they adorable?


And these here, capybaras from the Amazon, are also available for viewing in the aquarium – wildly popular with the Japanese. Along with these, there are two whale sharks for viewing, as well as a range of fish unique to 15 environments on the Asian-Pacific coastlines.

We also plan to spend time in Minami Osaka, a place known for atmosphere and good food. We’re planning to go on Saturday. So expect a post on that!

See you then!