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Kobe Trip

Kobe Trip

In an effort to try and reduce download time for some of my readers, I’ve put all these Kobe pictures in Picasa. I like Picasa better than the Windows Live albums I’ve tried before because it enables me to explain each one. So the majority of my blog post is in the pictures! There are lots of interesting things in there, so I suggest you take a look and see it!

I took the trip to Kobe on November 20th with my Japanese friend Ami and two of her friends. Ami is from Kobe, so this made the trip much more interesting. We went to Chinatown first, then up to the old port sections where Westerners built their houses. Then we went back down towards Harborland, a very popular section of Kobe, and ate in a cafe that was in the old American Embassy building. Harborland is very beautiful – like most of Kobe, it is brightly lit at night.

I really liked Kobe – it showed a different side of Japan than Osaka and Kyoto. Kyoto is much more historical, Osaka is more “fun” oriented, and Kobe is very multicultural. I’ll actually be going back to Kobe this Sunday for their annual Illumination, which commemorates the Kobe earthquake of 1995. There are several Japanese I’ve met at Kansai Gaidai that live in Kobe and remember the event well. It will certainly be interesting.




Up next when I have time will be galleries of trying on a kimono, the Toji flea market, and pictures of the kimono I bought. I’ll be going back to Toji market for the last market of the year (Dec. 21) and will be trying to get out to Kyoto on my own during December break. Golden Pavilion, here I come!

I’m secretly hoping for some snow sometime soon (we haven’t had any yet.) I’m sure we will, though.


Video Presentations

Some of the things I’ve been working hard on for school. Just to tide you over to when I finally post about Kobe and such… I will hopefully do that tomorrow. The first was a skit for Japanese class (I’m not responsible for the editing of the skit – I just did the puppets) and the second for Intercultural Business Communication class, which my roommate and I did – it’s funnier! My roommate and I are thinking of trying to do a show of some sort with ideas that came out of that.