As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted for a while. This was due to a combination of reasons – winter break, cessation of activities, and losing my computer for about a month. This was fairly devastating because that means I’ve lost all of my pictures and videos from Japan aside from those I had online.

So I’ll post in a bit about what I’ve been doing, but you’ll find significantly less material there. I have some exciting stuff coming up!

The weather has just turned stunningly beautiful – sunny and roughly 75 degrees. A friend and I will be heading up to Kyoto this weekend to see the plum blossoms, which are in bloom in many shrines. Then the cherry blossom season will arrive!

So, no worries – I’ll write soon, about Toji market, Ritsumeikan University, and plum blossoms, but right now I’ve got to do my homework. 🙂