1 photo/day: Day 9

The Kansai Gaidai freshmen are in the midst of their orientation. Soon the new semester will start!


1 photo/day: Day 8

The local shrine on a bright, hot day. Many of the shrines around Hirakata have children’s playgrounds in them.

1 photo/day: Day 7

Spring is here, in a nook off the road I take to school. Warm sunny weather, finally after so much rain!

1 photo/day: Day 6

Cherry blossoms along a river in Northern Kyoto. It was great to see the mountains!

1 photo/day: Day 5

Two men photographing their parrot among the cherry blossoms at Osaka Castle.

1 photo/day: Day 4

The shadows of me, Joel, and Katie at the cherry blossom night viewing in Kyoto. Post on that soon!

1 photo/day: Day 3

I couldn’t believe I caught this! Having my camera always handy is helping.

A man pushing a bonsai in preparation for the “New Student Ceremony” at the beginning of the Japanese semester.