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1 photo/day: Day 14

The bamboo forest of Arashiyama, Kyoto, after a talk from a Zen priest.


1 photo/day: Day 13

The edge of this step had been by something, so that the tiles were broken. This person fixed it, and posted many Watch out! signs. The bricks are holding the tiles up while they dry, but I don’t think they’re going to dry much in the rain.

1 photo/day: Day 10

One of the main streets I walk along in Hirakata City. This is an alternate route back home that’s longer, but goes by more stores.

1 photo/day: Day 8

The local shrine on a bright, hot day. Many of the shrines around Hirakata have children’s playgrounds in them.

1 photo/day: Day 7

Spring is here, in a nook off the road I take to school. Warm sunny weather, finally after so much rain!

1 photo/day: Day 6

Cherry blossoms along a river in Northern Kyoto. It was great to see the mountains!